Testing the XP DEUS Large Search Coil by Marc Hirschmann

Over the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of being given the opportunity to review XP’s 11”x13” coil for the XP DEUS. Before receiving the large coil, I had already owned my DEUS for just over six months and had about 500 hours on the detector. I was very impressed with the standard DEUS package and didn’t expect too much from the large coil.  I assumed it would be too heavy as I truly enjoyed the lightweight nature of the stock package. One of the main reasons I, and many others, originally purchased the DEUS was because most of my other “top of the line” detectors were simply too heavy to swing for days on end.

XP DEUS Large Coil Review and Finds

Author Marc Hirschmann reviews the Large search coil for the XP DEUS wireless metal detector.

From the first time I went out with my XP DEUS, I knew it was a winner. It is extremely lightweight, has the fastest recovery speed of any detector I have ever tested and it is simple to use, edit and learn. After hundreds of hours of testing, I have very few qualms with this machine.

After putting about 500 hours on the detector, the 11”x13” optional search coil showed up at my door and it was time to put it to the test. Over the next six months, I took the coil to Florida, Wisconsin, Idaho and put about 300 hours on it in my home state of Minnesota.

I stated earlier that my expectations were not too high in regards to this accessory, but I was proven very wrong. The weight of the large coil is a marginal increase over the stock coil and after a few hours of use, the variance becomes barely noticeable. The balance of the coil is very good, which surprised me as I have read several accounts online claiming the balance to be “incorrect,” but I completely disagree. The 11”x13” covers so much more ground than the stock 9” coil that I now hunt primarily with the large coil and only switch to the stock coil when I find myself in extremely trashy environments.

My target recovery has increased dramatically since testing the large coil. I find that I am able to cover about two times the ground in the same amount of time as with the stock 9” coil. Being able to cover more ground means more targets recovered. This fact alone justifies the price of the large coil in my opinion. Although the large coil does not currently offer much increased depth over the stock coil, I have found that the audio response of the large coil is clearer, at greater depth than the stock coil. For me, however, the greatest value lies in the greatly increased ground coverage offered by the 11”x13”. I now start my hunts with the large coil about 90% of the time and only switch to the stock 9” if the ground is littered with targets.

If you are a DEUS user, I would strongly recommend you take a closer look at the optional 11”x13” search coil. The stock coil is no slouch, but the optional large coil will help open doors and increase finds. In a world where competition from other metal detector users is ever increasing, you need to make the most out of your time in the field. The 11”x13” coil is a tool that can gain you a greater competitive edge. It has proven its value to me, as well as many other users, and I would therefore urge any serious detectorist to take a closer look at the optional 11”x13” coil.