XP DEUS Starter Bundle Offer

DEUS 3.0 - 4 Ultimate Detectors in 1

Starter Bundle

Headphones Control the Entire Detector

Starter Bundle

Includes FX-02 Wired Backphone Heaphones +
WS4 Display + 9" or 11" Coil with Telescopic Pole

MSRP: $1100 Introductory Price: $799
  • Control the entire detector from just the WS4 Display module alone
  • Adjust sensitivity, discrimination and ground balance
  • Choose your Frequency: 4, 8, 12 or 18khz
  • Adjust your volume and select multi-tones
  • Choose your operating program
  • WS4 Display may be used as a Wireless headphone with included headband

Upgrade At Any Time

Simply Add the Optional Digital LCD Remote

MSRP: $899 Introductory Price: $800
  • Unlock the full capabilities of the DEUS
  • Online software updates
  • Expert options menu
  • Extended iron discrimination
  • Four non-motion modes
  • Eight user customizable programs
  • Large LCD with full graphic display
  • Low power consumption backlight
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