XP DEUS Accessories

Where to Buy MSRP $219.00 USD/CAD MAP: $199.00 Part Number: PPOINTER

The XP MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer is for everyone!

Use alongside any metal detector with six (6) easy to use modes. The MI-6 is the World's First Connected Pinpointer. Unlock many additional pinpointer features when you wirelessly connect the MI-6 to a DEUS metal detector (mode 7).

My experience with the XP MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer has been in some of the most mineralized soils in the USA - Northern, Virginia. The performance is excellent! It makes locating Civil War relics in the plug very easy. Many other brands of pinpointers have a significant reduction in performance in this hot red clay. The MI-6 handles these tough conditions much better than most due to its ground balancing feature." - Keith Leppert, Fort Bedford Metal Detectors, Alum Bank, PA

Standard Features

Access all functions with 1 single button
All round 360°
Fast re-tune
Loudspeaker (1) & Vibration
3 Levels of Sensitivity

XP Plus

Waterproof up to 6 meters
Landyard with stainless ring
Rechargeable lithium battery
Ergonomic rubber (3)
2 audio modes PITCH or PULSE
Parts totally replaceable
7 programs
Rotating holster (4)
The XP MI-6 pinpointer is superior quality! Use stand alone or sync the MI-6 Pinpointer to your XP DEUS Remote and Headphones. The pinpointer will now be heard through your headphones and target sensitivity will be displayed on the remote. If you happen to lose while out hunting you can activate the research mode and find it. No crosstalk or interference with the pinpointer and XP DEUS Metal Detector." - Ed Huffman, Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors, Maryville, TN

XP Plus with DEUS

Advanced Settings (5)
Adjustable audio tone
Audio output to the headset.
Anti-interference system
Recover lost MI-6
Target zoom screen
50 levels of sensitivity
Battery life indication up to 90 hours