XP DEUS Summer Promotions

Two Special Offers from XP Metal Detectors

If your wish list includes either a DEUS Metal Detector or the new DEUS WS-5 Headphones, NOW is the time to save. This LIMITED TIME summer promotion will reward you with up to $100 in free XP DEUS Accessories. Just Purchase either a new DEUS Wireless Metal Detector or a new pair of the WS-5 headphones to claim your free bonus accessories. Read on for complete details. Products must be purchased during the promotional period (July 1 through September 30, 2013) from an authorized XP Dealer in the United States or Canada only.

Download and mail in the claim form from the link below to claim your free accessories:

Offer #1

Buy an XP DEUS Metal Detector and get $100 in Free XP DEUS Accessories

Purchase an XP DEUS Metal Detector with either the WS4 or WS5 headphones from an authorized XP dealer in the United States or Canada between July 1 through September 30, 2013, and get $100 towards XP DEUS Accessories.

DEUS is now available in two Configurations:

1. WS4 Backphone Headphones + Coil + Remote

  • Part Number: DEUS_WS4
    MSRP $2299 – Introductory Price: $1899
    * Standard configuration


2. WS5 Full Sized Headphones + Coil + Remote

  • Part Number: DEUS_RC_WS5
    MSRP $2399 – Introductory Price: $1999

Offer #2

Buy the XP WS-5 Full Sized Heaphone and get $50 in Free XP DEUS Accessories

Purchase the XP WS-5 Full Sized Headphones as an accessory from an authorized dealer in the United States or Canada between July 1 through September 30, 2013 and get $50 towards XP DEUS Accessories.

XP DEUS WS5 Full Sized Wireless Headphones

This full sized, weatherproof headset provides crystal clear audio. The large LCD display allows you to control the following: discrimination, sensitivity, ground balance, tones, pitch, frequency, factory programs, volume and coil change.

For complete promotion details or to claim your accessories, just download the official claim form from the link below. Claim forms must be postmarked by October 31st, 2013.

XP DEUS Update Version 3.0 Announcement

XP DEUS update version 3.0 will be available soon for the DEUS metal detector!

Version 3.0 – More than 10 new improvements!


Download complete details on the XP DEUS Version 3.0 update!

Download complete details on the XP DEUS Version 3.0 update!

Research during the development of the DEUS V3.0 has led to improved digital signal processing and this has resulted in increased target separation and depth in mineralized ground. You will see a clear improvement using Reactivity 3, 4, and 5. For example, on Reactivity 3 you will obtain target separation similar to Reactivity 4 on V2.0.  The Reactivity 4 and 5 settings will provide even greater target separation! This enhanced ability to distinguish between good targets, iron and ground mineralization is a major evolution in the metal detecting field. It will be a pleasure for both novices and professionals to use and makes the DEUS the fastest detector on the market in terms of target separation and recovery. (manual V3 pg 13/14).

02 – NEW PROGRAM N°10 – GOLD FIELD – Deeper on highly mineralized ground

Download the complete XP DEUS Version 3.0 manual!

Download the complete XP DEUS Version 3.0 manual!

The GOLD FIELD program uses a different detection strategy designed to handle highly mineralized ground containing targets such as gold nuggets.  In these ground conditions, small, low-conductive targets are often seen as ground noise or iron, especially when they are deeply buried. To go deeper in these difficult conditions, the GOLD FIELD program uses a true All Metal mode allowing you to accept a whole zone of ground that is usually rejected (Full Range). Rather than rejecting all the ground values below the setting (as on conventional detectors), this new program rejects only the current value of the ground which you have to adjust exactly. To simplify this ground effect adjustment (which is essential in this program), the “pinpoint” touch pad allows you to quickly grab the ground value while pumping the coil to the ground. In this program a few settings are not active or are replaced by others unique to the GOLD FIELD program including:

– The IAR discrimination (Iron Amplitude Rejection): Adjustable from 0 to 5, IAR is applied only to strong signals (shallow).  This avoids the rejection of signals from good targets further away that may sound like ferrous when they are buried in mineralized ground (pg: 10).

– Immediate sampling of the ground value (Grab) accomplished by simply pressing “Pinpoint” while pumping the coil to the ground.  Pinpoint function is deactivated in this program (pg:18/19)

Note: The target ID feature is retained when working in the All Metal mode to aid in target identification.


– Each ground balance step between 60 and 95 receives an additional division of fine adjustment to allow for better ground tracking (pg:17).

– In the MANUAL or TRACKING mode, you have the ability to add a variable notch on the ground balance scale and eliminate false signals caused by hot rocks or other ground conditions (between 82 and 90) (pg 40).


8 Memory slots have been added to save your user programs. The first 10 factory programs can be modified, but they will not be saved after turning the DEUS off, but you can now save them using the 8 new program slots (Option>Program>Save) (pg 22).

For users that control their DEUS with the WS4 and WS5 headphones, programs can now be saved and deleted with the headphone controls just like the remote control! (pg 31).


The Silencer can mask iron signals with little reduction in target separation as experienced in V2.0. For example on beaches and parks, the Silencer will be useful to reject rusty bottle caps which are normally difficult to reject (choose Silencer level 4). Also, do not hesitate to increase it if you want to cancel the inconsistent (crackling) signals from iron. The Silencer can be deactivated when it is set at -1 (pg 39).


Thanks to 2 added audio level points (0 to 7 instead 0 to 5), you can now further amplify weak signals from smaller or deeper targets. Be careful as it will also amplify noise from electrical interference or difficult fields (pg 15).


– 5 Tones: the targets can now be separated into 5 user-adjustable audio tones.

– Full Tones: Audio tones change according to the conductivity of the target. The higher the target’s conductivity, the higher the pitch of the tone (pg 37).


The pitch of the fundamental frequency tone is now adjustable from 150 Hz to 600 Hz (pg 36).

09 – ID NORM

The Target ID value for a specific target will be consistent across the 4 operating frequencies when the ID Norm option is activated (pg 27).


To facilitate the manual ground adjustments in the NON MOTION AUDIO DISC and NON MOTION AM mode, the actual Ground Balance value under the coil is now displayed in the arrow. Pump the coil to the ground to refresh the value and enter the value displayed to ground balance your DEUS. An accurate ground balancing will give you a more stable audio threshold and a deeper machine. An extended range of ground balance values is also now available in this mode (pg 21).


– Ability to delete a coil from the list (pg 25 and 31).

– The target’s ID is now displayed at the top of the left screen in the sub-menus.

– FREQUENCY SHIFT has been improved: you can now search closer to other DEUS users thanks to improved filtering (pg 39).

NOW WITH 5 YEAR LIMITED PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY – Includes DEUS purchased starting on or after January 1, 2013 as new from an authorized XP Metal Detector Dealer. DEUS purchased before this date will carry the 2 Year Warranty.