Father and Son: Beginners Luck?

Father Son DEUS Treasure Find

This father and son team found this Tudor memento mori ring, circa 1550 −1600.

The owner, James, tell us “it seems to be a Tudor memento mori ring, circa 1550 -1600.” Such rings were a timely reminder of the importance of spiritual preparation for death and one is listed in Henry VIII’s inventory:” A ring of gold with a deathes hedde. This high carat gold ring has a hexagonal bezel with central skull”.

We found this beauty at about 6-8 inch deep on pasture in Cambridgeshire. Since finding, it has been to the British museum who confirmed it’s a 16th early 17th century mourning ring. I have just

father son deus bracelet find

This spectacular Bronze Age gold pennulor bracelet which was 352.3g was found three months later.

received a letter saying it has been disclaimed as treasure and is to be returned to me.”

For the anecdote he adds “I started detecting in June 2011. After 3 months I found a late Bronze Age gold pennulor bracelet which was 352.3g. Beginner luck maybe, lol. Then I decided to upgrade to the DEUS metal detector. On my second time out on a new permission with this new machine, my son Hayden came across this beauty”

It seems that the son is as lucky as his father!