Gold Ingots Found with XP DEUS!

By Henry Parro

After finding one of the oldest gold coins in the Essex – Colchester region
of England last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect this year. As you can
see in the accompanying photos, I wasn’t let down. I was hunting in a
corner of a field where several years ago a piece of gold slag was found. I
hit an area that was full of iron and melted slag of various materials,
both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Henry Parro holding one of his recently found gold ingots.

Henry Parro holding one of his recently found gold ingots.

The XP sounded more like a popcorn machine rather than a detector. I worked the area slow and every now and then I would hear a non-ferrous tone. Digging down, I noticed that the soil was dark and consisted of ash indicating a fire at one point. The targets would be melted globs of metal. Due to the heavy iron content it was hard to dig just non-ferrous targets. I received one tone that was different from the rest. As I pulled the target out of the ground, I noticed the gold color. I washed it off to see it was a gold ingot!

I worked the area further until lunch, then we moved to another field. Later that evening back at the barn, several theories developed about the gold ingot. It was a mixture of gold and silver and melted hundreds of years ago. It was possible from a smelter or maker of coins and jewelry. The following day I headed back to the same area. I was joined by my hunting partner CT Todd. I turned reactivity up and iron volume down and it made a difference. By lunch we had found 3 more gold ingots.

While metal detecting with his DEUS, Henry Parro located these amazing gold ingots.

While metal detecting with his DEUS, Henry Parro and CT Todd located these amazing gold ingots.

This shows the versatility of the XP. Several other hunters were in the area with other brands and ventured toward the iron field but quickly gave up and walked away. Needless to say, I will be going back and there will be only one machine in my suitcase, the XP DEUS.

Editors note: Henry Parro owns Parros Gun Shop in Waterbury, VT. He uses the XP DEUS and is an authorized XP dealer.

2016 XP DEUS Boot Camps Announced For Cincinnati, Ohio

We are are pleased to announce that Andy Sabisch, well-known author, treasure hunter and veteran XP DEUS user, will be conducting several more XP Metal Detectors Americas authorized XP DEUS Boot Camp training courses. After attending this event you will come away with a solid understanding of all the features found on the XP DEUS metal detector.

Cincinnati, OH on July 9, 2016 with Instructor Andy Sabisch and Tom Johnson

The XP Deus Bootcamp visits Cincinnati, OH on July 9th which is a central location for hunters from the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky region. It will be held on July 10th from 8AM to 5PM. This a great location close to the Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Dayton. We will be working to have some sites available to put what you learn to the test and hopefully turn up some great relics from the area. The hotel is located north of Cincinnati I-71.

The classroom session will be a great way to start the day with Andy and Tom providing hands on instruction, invaluable tips and tips that work in the field. The in-field portion will be a great way to complete the day with multiple test gardens to help you dial in your Deus for the type of hunting you do. There will be plenty of natural targets to be found along with XP tokens which will net several attendees some top-notch prizes.

There is a special rate at the hotel in Cincinnati for attendees which includes breakfast, free WiFi and more. Details will be provided once you have registered.


Optimize the DEUS for You and Your Area

Unlocking all of what the DEUS is capable on your own can take time. Well, that learning curve has just been eliminated! Learn how to maximize the performance of the DEUS detector under any condition and for any application you might come across. Let Andy and the other experienced instructors show you how to get the most out of this amazing metal detector.

The Boot Camp will consist of a classroom setting followed by an infield session that will allow you to put what was covered into practice. See how slight adjustments can make a huge difference in performance. Most importantly, you will understand WHY you made the change and HOW to determine what the optimal setting is for your area and the type of targets you are searching for. The Boot Camp Seminar agenda has been designed to be both enjoyable and informative.

The day is designed to get you both comfortable with all aspects of the DEUS and confident in its use. It is a combination of classroom instruction followed by time in the field where you will be able to put what you have learned to the test. There will be both planted targets in a test garden as well as natural targets that will test your skills and newly learned techniques. See how slight adjustments can make a big difference in terms of what you bring home!

There will be a wide assortment of targets that you can check responses on and then use them to create custom patterns for the type of metal detecting that you do. Hands-on experience is priceless in putting what you’ve learned into practice. When you get home, you will know how to put your DEUS to use and, most importantly, understand what the detector is telling you.

XP Deus Bootcamp Attendees Will Receive:

  • A Signed copy of Andy Sabisch’s book, The XP Deus Handbook – a “must-have” reference guide!
  • An XP “Goodie Bag”
  • A Travel Credit Voucher good towards the purchase of an XP DEUS
  • Direct access to Andy Sabisch and the other instructors when you have questions on your DEUS

There will be DEUS metal detectors available for use at the Boot Camp if you do not yet own one. Just be sure to let them know if you need one when you register for the Boot Camp so that a unit can be made available for you.

The In-field training session will include a competition hunt of sorts in that there will be vintage coins, relics and tokens buried throughout the site. The tokens will be redeemable for prizes.

Keep in mind that Boot Camp tickets are limited in number. Complete details on this event are available here or you can register at the links above.