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Latest Improvements

DEUS Improvements

You will find a summary of the latest developments related to this product as:

  • The new wireless headset is equipped with a peripheral sealing joint, micro seals on the gold contacts and an improved weatherproof closure for the USB connector.
  • These improvements now guarantee an electronic headset perfectly sealed in the rain or from accidental immersion.
  • This new version of the headset has been supplied with the DEUS as from about May 2011.
  • The new extended handle offers an even better grip. It is supplied from March 2011.
  • The new armrest, which is wider, is made from a new material which is more flexible and durable. It has been supplied since December 2010.
  • The new system for clipping the remote to the stem: The remote control is now firmly clipped on its support (from top to bottom). In the event of a violent shock, a security system allows the remote to be ejected forwards and thus preventing damage.

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DEUS V2.0 Features and Functions!

The behavior of your DEUS remains identical but new functions are added:

4 Non-Motion modes:

  • NON MOTION AUDIO DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter and audio discrimination

These Non motion modes are useful for example to locate caches inside houses, cellars. For conventional searching on fields Motion programs are better.

On the main menu:

  • Ground mineralization meter added
  • Signal strength meter featuring Accept/Reject indicator added

Audio Response > Expert

  • Audio overload menu, to choose an overload sound when a target is close to the coil

Program 7 WET BEACH > Deeper on wet areas

Program 8 becomes DRY BEACH > Suitable for dry sand.

DEUS new version 2.0 Download Link

This update is Free to download from our website.

Note that you can now choose the version in a drop-down menu and thus return to a previous version.
Be sure that your headphone is fully charged before updating. Do not turn on any other headphone during the update process.

You can also download the V2.0 instruction manual here:

Or only the pages with changes here:

DEUS Larger Search Coil 13"x11" Specifications:

  • Size: 13"x11"
  • Weight: 23 ounces with coil cover
  • This coil uses the latest XP polymer lithium battery
  • Battery life: about 15 hours depending on which frequency and power
  • Same frequency as the standard search coil (4 khz/8 khz/12 khz/18 kHz)
  • The laboratory tests show an increase of about 3" in air using a 1.2" bronze coin.
  • Includes lower stem, coil cover, and hardware kit.

Be aware that you are purchasing more than just a new coil, this will also provide a secondary detecting system option. This coil could be used with the remote control and the original one with headphones for example.

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