Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Search Coil

Is the detecting head waterproof? Can I search under water?

Yes the coil is waterproof.

Capabilities as Factory Shipped:
Under water detecting is only possible at very shallow depths, for example in a stream where the coil will only be immersed by a few inches. This is not due to any waterproofing problem, but rather because the wireless radio link cannot pass through a greater volume of water.

Capabilities with Under Water Optional Accessory:
With the addition of a passive waveguide clipped to the coil, you can hunt with the coil deeply immersed in the water.

What does it mean if the remote reads "NO COIL?"

There are three Possibilities:

  1. The Coil's battery is not charged, so the remote will not detect the coil. Connect charger and make sure the LED is on. If the LED is not glowing, it could be a faulty clip, charger or faulty USB cable.
  2. You may have accidentally changed the serial number in the remote, so the coil is not recognized. If that is the case, you can overwrite the correct serial number into the list.
  3. Coil or coil battery is faulty, replacement needed.
What does the flashing LED on the coil indicate?

The LED on the coil gives 20 long, successive flashes to indicate that it is waking up and recalibrating. Once recalibration is complete, the coil becomes operational and its LED flashes every second. When the coil is on standby, its LED flashes every 4 seconds, whereas when it is on it flashes every second.

Are there other diameter coils available for DEUS?

An 11 x 13" DD coil is already available and several more are planned like a special accessory that will be particularly suited to searching for large, very deep objects.