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  • DEUS Digs a 16" Deep Civil War Minie Ball by Jerry Talley(Chesterfield, VA) on May 15, 2015 4 voted on this
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    After hearing some good reports on how good the XP DEUS was, I decided to take the plunge! After 40 years of detecting, the 2 pound weight is what really sold me. I decided to attend the DEUS boot-camp since Andy Sabisch was putting one on here in Amelia, VA. I'm glad I did - it allowed me to gain years of experience with the machine in one day.

    My second trip out to a pounded Civil War spot we've detected for 20 years I got this faint signal. After getting down about a foot in the ground, I decided I needed to take a video with my phone. I got this single target 16" down from the surface. In 2 hours I got 6 bullets and an eagle button from a place that was "Worked Out" with my other detectors. Who said the DEUS won't go deep? Thanks to XP for making a great detector and Andy Sabisch for some personal coaching. I love this detector! Hope to have the video uploaded soon.

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