Service and Repairs

XP Metal Detectors are made from the highest quality components. They are designed to provide years of enjoyment. Please follow our trouble shooting wizard below to find a solution to the most common problems.

Troubleshooting Guide

You become aware of abnormal performance, instability, false signals, misplaced interference, for no apparent reason.

Causes Solutions
Sensitivity is too high. Lower it.
You are in a zone with a lot of interference (high-voltage power lines, electric transformer, electric fence). Lower the sensitivity or move to a different zone.
There is a storm nearby and the electromagnetic discharges of lightning are interfering with the detector. Switch off and wait for the storm to pass
You are close to other working metal detectors. Change or shift the frequency (pg 33).
You switched on the detector with the coil near a metal surface or near the stem's aluminum tube (in the folded-up position). Switch it off, then on again with the coil in the air and the stem fully deployed, away from any sources of metal.
The ground balance is set too low. In manual mode set it to 90.
The battery is discharged. Recharge it.
The ground is heavily infested with iron and other metals Find a less infested place.

The coil does not switch on, unlike the remote control and the headphones.

Causes Solutions
You have a different coil selected in the menu:
OPTION / Coil from the remote control or in the menu COIL from the headphones
Select the corresponding coil (pg 19-20).
The serial number of the coil that you had entered in the remote control was incorrect or was changed inadvertently. Check the coil's serial number (pg 19-20).
The coil battery is drained. Recharge it.
The coil battery has reached the end of its lifespan Contact your reseller or XP.
The coil is defective. Contact your reseller or XP.

There is no detection sound in the headphones despite them being switched on (and pressing the buttons generates an audible beep).

Causes Solutions
Check that you do not have a different coil selected in the COIL menu (pg 29/30). Select the right coil (pg 19).
The headphones have not yet been paired with the coil. Pair them (pg 26).
The coil's serial number was changed inadvertently in the headphones and the headphones are no longer paired with the coil. Pair them (pg 26).

There is no sound in the WS-4 headphones when passing over a target and pressing the buttons generates no audible beep.

Causes Solutions
The backphone is faulty. Change it, it is easy to replace (pg 27)
The earpiece is faulty, for example its keypad was poorly reconnected to the circuit after being dismounted, or the audio contacts are faulty or dirty. Contact your reseller or XP.

Too many false signals when the coil is knocked.

Causes Solutions
The ground balance is set too low. Adjust the ground balance to 90 then try again.
Difficult ground, highly mineralized and infested. Change to a different zone.

The detector beeps on pottery and "hot rocks".

Causes Solutions
Ground control is too low. Increase the ground balance level until false signals stop.

Contact the authorized service center for the United States and Canada:

Detector Electronics Corp.
23 Turnpike Road
Southboro, MA 01772